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Working Up To It

Working Up To It

It’s so easy to put things off. Tomorrow, next Monday, next month, and then before you know it it’s five, ten, twenty years later when we finally get around to ‘it’. I’ve been carrying extra weight mentally, emotionally, and physically for far too many years. Even though I’m fifty-one at the time of writing this, age has never held a lot of weight for me . It’s just a number, and I believe in mind over matter. But if we’re not careful, our forties, fifties, and sixties will sneak up on us and call us out! We’re now starting to come face to face with the results our bad habits and our lack of good ones! But, we can change our lifestyles, and even more importantly, we can change our minds. We can talk to ourselves, our cells. We can clear out all that is low vibration and surround ourselves with high, happy, and healthy. Yes, we can. It’s just a matter of taking time to do it. I know I can be just as healthy now as I was in my twenties if I’m willing. And, so can you. Are we up for the challenge?

When we make a plan to improve our lives, we should consider all areas. Health, relationships, financial, career, and recreation, and social are the main sectors in my opinion. I know it can be broken down further or even expanded, but I prefer to keep it simple. It’s said that how we do one thing is how we do all things, and I do find truth in this. Personally, I’ve neglected all of them. It’s like I’ve been afraid to fully express myself, commit to my life, and give too much of my energy to anything. It’s as if I just didn’t have enough to give. This could be because I felt deprived of enough love growing up, which left me feeling like I existed in a deficit. There was never enough. This could explain my addiction to food and money and even my slight obsession or clinginess in certain relationships. I never quite looked at it this way before. And, of course this is a blanket statement. I’ve grown tremendously over the years, and especially over the last ten or so years where I felt the world universe pressing in on me. I realize now that no matter what else it was, a lot of it was spiritual warfare which has become significantly more pervasive over the last decade for many.

I’ve endured much darkness, but it forced me to work through my own so that my light could shine. I really had to become my own lighthouse in order to survive it. I’m not religious, and I don’t believe in the traditional ‘God’ or Jesus as our savior. But, I’ve always been spiritual and have felt an immense connection with the universe and life around me. Increasingly so since coming through the dark night of the soul. I know that ‘Spirit’ has stuck close to me and carried me through. I wish to give immense gratitude to the natural world and the the world of spirit for the love, support, protection, and wisdom they so graciously gave. Thankfully, I find myself at a pivoting point where I am ready to release the past and embrace my beautiful and blessed future. And, this is where it begins. I’ll be reflecting on my next best steps to carry me forward, and I hope whoever is reading this is inspired to do the same!

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