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The Games They Play

I know my ‘enemies’ love it when I am self-deprecating, so I know they are eating this all up. I’m not afraid to admit my past mistakes and personality flaws. We all have them, and it would be amazing if we were to each take self-growth seriously. Being humble enough to admit to our shortcomings and strong enough to do the work, the world would certainly be a better place. We can choose to take it all head-on, but most of us don’t start this undertaking until we’re put in some uncomfortable situations where we have no choice but to face ourselves. It’s not a pleasant process, but we can prevent it from being disastrous. 

Personally, I was not horrible, but it was clear that I just didn’t really care and that I was living mostly unconsciously. I didn’t know how to make positive, pro-active choices and had no wherewithal to commit to my choices to see them through to lasting success. I feel this is because I had no one to truly care about me or connect with on any meaningful level. I felt alone and adrift. However, there are people in the world who are outright evil, narcissistic, and psychopathic. Once they decide someone has  wronged them or looked at them sideways, they will make it their life’s mission to target and destroy. Among anything else that could comprise this mystery I’ve been living in, I know for a fact there is one or more of these people lurking behind the scenes in my life. 

For years, all communication methods have been tapped, blocked, and/or redirected. I can barely do anything on my phone or iPad without getting covert feedback in the form of calls with no one on the other end, including my work phone.  Anonymous or fake YouTube accounts would reply to my comments, as if to use my own words on or against me for something I literally just said or did. I couldn’t even lean back in my chair at work without getting a ‘silent’ or spam phone call.

One of the most recent examples of my calls being blocked or rerouted is when I was supposed to receive a scheduled call from a famous YouTube marketer, Tai Lopez, a couple of weeks ago. I had had a dream about a Tai Lopez offer of sorts, and when I checked my emails the following morning, sure enough, there was an email announcing that he would be opening up mentoring opportunities to ten people and that doing so is a rare occurrence. So, I scheduled an ‘interview’ call. The confirmation message I received said to expect the call right on time, so be ready. Well, it simply never came in. I even googled the Tai Lopez phone number, and the Asian voice on the other end sounded eerily like a T-mobile rep that had helped me recently. And, she wasn’t of much help on this call. I felt entirely and uncomfortably dismissed. It’s been two weeks, and no one has contacted me, even after emailing and calling. 

It doesn’t matter who I meet or befriend, I already know that they’re likely to blow me off or ghost me. I almost don’t even bother anymore. I’m a super friendly person and enjoy talking to people. And, as far as I can tell, my exchanges and meetings are positive. There was one time a couple of years ago on my travels, where I took the number of a random guy I met and was talking to briefly in the parking lot. I literally only did so to be nice. There was nothing else to it, but he sent me an extremely offensive image shortly thereafter. I immediately blocked and deleted. Then, somehow, a few weeks later, I got a text from him begging me to leave him alone. What?? 

I could barely go anywhere without being ‘gangstalked’. Upon pulling into any parking lot and/or upon walking out of a store, there would be at least one if not a few cars facing me with their lights on, with the driver looking down and never looking up. It sounds strange, but trust me, it was a thing. There were also two separate stretches of time where the automatic locks in my van would constantly and randomly lock and unlock. It was loud, and it was alarming and unsettling every time. But, it would only happen after I’d have a thought about something, nothing in particular. But, it would be after more clear, conscious thoughts. It would also happen right as I’d lay down, go to the bathroom, or the like. It was ‘them’ communicating with me that I was being watched and monitored. One day, as I was driving, I finally had enough, and I screamed out ‘I forgive you!!’. Literally, in that moment it stopped. It never happened again. Not even once. It’s been about a year.

Back in 2016, when this whole thing ‘began’ (I don’t know for sure when it truly began, but at least I became aware of it that year) I had purchased a car. Within the first year of having it, I received two ‘invitations’ to bring my car in for random things. I can’t really remember. I think one of them was for an appraisal. These invitations came from different places. One came from the dealership where I purchased the car, and the other came from another dealership. Both times, as soon as I’d drive off the lot something would be off with my car. But, I would chock it up to my imagination until two or three days later, when the issues persisted. The first time, it was something with my engine. I had to fight and fight for them to do something about it. I’m not sure if it was ever even properly fixed. The second time, from the other dealership, they did something to my gas system. My car reeked of gas for the next year of having it, to the point where I couldn’t drive with the windows up due to the unbearable smell and the dangerous toxicity of it. It was almost just as bad with the windows down. The dealership blew me off and accused me of wrongfully accusing them. The guy was rude, ugly, and dismissive. My car was fine when I took it in and damaged upon leaving.

These are just some of the more memorable experiences I’ve had, and God only knows what they’ve done that I have absolutely no clue about. I’m sure there’s plenty, including black magick. I hope, pray, and trust that these dark-doers are brought down. No one should have to endure their silly little games, especially when we can’t fight back. If you wanna fight fair, come out from the shadows and show your faces. Introduce yourselves. Try being decent human beings instead of a wimpy kids hiding behind your computers or sitting in your cars.  But, honestly, I don’t want to fight. I never did. I just want to be left alone to live my life in peace. I want my privacy and sovereignty back. I want to be able to have a conversation or make plans without my business being known. I want to be able to make moves in my life uninterrupted and unhindered. Just who do y’all think you are? I did not and will not ever knowingly and consciously give any of you access to MY life.

These people I don’t even know…they certainly know me. Or they think they do. This toxic ‘network’ works from behind the scenes, and they plot together to destroy. Why? I have no idea. Maybe this is just what toxic, extremely low-vibrational people do. I’ve never encountered such a thing until these six years ago or so. At first, I thought these people were for me, that they loved, supported, and wanted the best for me. Ha! Stay tuned for the next post, as the story deepens.

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