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The Universe Speaks

I don’t know about you, but I see signs everywhere. The Universe speaks to me constantly, even when I least expect it. Actually, usually when I least expect it. What’s odd is that I’ve seen two very obvious signs over close to a year’s time in this little Mexican restaurant in the town I grew up in and where I am currently staying. The sign I saw today is shown in the image for this post. Over the last few years I’ve become pretty adept at recognizing Masons. As I was sitting and eating, a single man sits at a table caddy-corner to me and was facing me. In that very moment I was wondering if he was a Mason, I just happened to look down at the table, and sure enough I got my answer. The tables in this restaurant have advertisements underneath the glass. And, the ad that was right under me and my plate read ‘Mason Man’. Yep, this stuff happens all the time. And, I just shake my head in awe and laugh to myself each time. Within a minute or two later, I feel energy coming towards me. I’m pretty sure he was sending it to me. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel negative. It was almost just another confirmation. Note: the name in the actual ad has nothing to do with my story. And, of course, not all Masons are dark. I’m pretty sure I have some supporters somewhere within the community that are of the light, for which I’m grateful.

How can you not be in love with the universe when it speaks directly to you? It’s beautiful, and I feel blessed. I believe some minor health issues have arisen in order for me to focus on self-love and self-healing, which has inspired me to move in this direction after much nudging. I’ve always believed in self-healing, natural healing, but where do we begin? How do we actually do it? We can give a few shots in the dark and hope or feel that it works, but I’d like to add some tried and true methods to my toolkit. I just signed up for Donna Eden’s seven week ‘Eden Method-Becoming Radiant’ training. I look forward to learning it and putting it into practice, and I’m really feeling this ‘new chapter’ that’s been promised to me for seemingly forever. A new beginning is here. No longer waiting and wondering when, how, and where. You gotta love when you are finally present in the present!

Snails have been making themselves known to me over the last few weeks. They’re all of a sudden on the sidewalk right in front of me, or I’ll look over and see one arise just long enough for me to see it until it goes into hiding. Snail spirit message tells us to slow down, relax, and be present. It tells of self-care. I feel it also tells us to slow down our thinking, to stop our worries and overthinking. This is something I’m very guilty of. But, instead of taking it easy, I ended up overdoing it cleaning, energy clearing, and working in the yard. What I got in return was an entire twenty-four hours of bleeding the next day. So, heeding the signs that are presented to us is so valuable and necessary. Also, when energy-clearing we really need to armor up and protect ourselves. I was in a space that I knew held extremely toxic energy, and I just went in willy-nilly. Lesson learned.

Slow down, pay attention, look, and listen to the signs around you. The more you pay attention, the more you will both notice and receive. It’s a relationship and takes two to tango. Enjoy the guidance and the steps you are inspired to take!

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