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The Long and Winding Road

What a long and winding road it’s been! Though my life may look far from ideal from the outside, I have finally found peace within. Life has relentlessly pulled me around by my hair for the last decade, and I have wondered what the heck could be going on. Being the conspiracy theorist that I am, I found myself blaming secret societies, the CIA, and complete strangers for the bad luck that had befallen me. You wouldn’t even believe the magical, mysterious, and metaphysical things I’ve experienced. It’s as if the universe was both kicking me in the behind and kissing my forehead at the same time.

I’m still trying to figure it all out, but I believe the answers will come once I’m able to truly retreat and reflect. But, no longer am I blaming others, even if there are others to blame. No matter what anyone tried to do to me and no matter what they tried to make me feel, I came out the better for it. ‘Trust the process’, the universe whispers. It knows what we need to learn, grow, and heal far better than we do. Most of us walk around trying to appear as perfect as possible, like we really have it together. Even if it’s in our own unique, eccentric way. But, most of us are crumbling inside. Let’s not forget the quote by Henry David Thoreau, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and die with their song still inside them.”

When we subconsciously decide that we want to do better and be better, you better hold on tight! The universe will drag you kicking and screaming, giving you no choice but to expose you to you. And, the world is merely a witness to this messy miracle. I’ve struggled with self-love, self-acceptance, treating others with respect, and taking responsibility for my own life. I was out of control, in my own way. I was miserable, I was lost, I was hopeless. No exaggeration, I was seeking guidance on shifting to another dimension. I think this is when the universe stepped in and decided enough is enough.

I do believe we are here to master ourselves and to discover and to express our innate gifts, because by doing so we will automatically tap into abundance in all its forms. Though money and material comforts make life easier, it should not be our main objective. And, keeping up appearances is a sad and shallow existence. Since when has it actually brought true happiness? What is it that you’ve always wanted to do, to be? It doesn’t matter how old you are, pursuing your highest hopes and ideals in this lifetime will bring much more flow and fulfillment to this one and the next.

Find the courage to step out of line, to say no to what doesn’t serve you, and yes to what makes your soul sing. This is your life, no one else’s. Even if others were willing to, they do not have the ability to pay the price of you being out of step with who you came here to be. You, and you alone, will pay the piper for not singing your song. It can come in the form of sadness, depression, disappointment, isolation, and a whole slew of unnecessary challenges.

Making the brave decision to make desired changes to your life, inwardly and outwardly, will save you from the tumultuous tower moments we all dread. Be willing to follow that long and winding road to your bliss. Let my lessons save you from your own. Separate yourself from the outside world for a while when and where possible and delve deep to discover your true longings. Then make a plan to fervently pursue them. This will undoubtedly require that you be honest with yourself about your personality flaws that have taken you so off course. Look at them, love them, and let them go. And, never accept others’ opinions or expectations of you as truth. One of the ‘four agreements’ is never to take anything personally. What others put on you is theirs and theirs alone.

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