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Something Old, Something New

We all have habits and habitual patterns in life that keep us stuck. We adopt these in order to adapt to harsh conditions for which we are not prepared to handle. Our natural tendencies that we carry in our DNA can rear their ugly heads when we are forced to cope. The main culprits across the board that most of us have to choose from are drugs, alcohol, food, sugar, sex, entertainment, and money. Food, chocolate, and shopping have carried me through tumultuous times as best they could. But, when we rely on these coping mechanisms too much for too long, we lose touch with ourselves and who we truly are. Whether we’re aware of it not, we begin to believe that we are unable to exist without these things. And, we slowly but surely lose sight of the healthy things that once brought us such simple joy.

I used to be ALL about health and exercise. This was the epitome of who I was. So, to see who I’ve become is borderline unbelievable. But, that’s ok. Life is an ebb and flow. The only thing constant is change, and with every new moment comes a new opportunity to change out something old and outdated for something new and improved. Take some time to consider what positive changes your soul is calling out for. I’ve been monumentally dreading these changes as if they were punishments! But, it just occurred to me that it could actually be the opposite. I miss being healthy and vibrant. I miss feeling good emotionally and physically. I miss looking and feeling my best, because when I did I found myself savoring life more. I would go out into the world more often and would enjoy new experiences with childlike wonder. I wasn’t reliant on my addictions to just get me through the day.

For those of you out there who are suffering with addictions and unhealthy coping mechanisms to allow you to just barely get by, I feel for you and want better for you, just as I do myself. Life can be new and exciting again, if we were just willing to give it a chance. Sit down and put your thinking cap on and really remember the things that used to make you feel alive. The big things and the small. Maybe it was roadtrips, a book club, an old hobby, a creative outlet, a slumber party with girlfriends, an aimless afternoon with the guys. Or, maybe deep down you’ve been yearning to try something entirely new. Make a list of these as well. It could even be a bucket list. What do you want to do that you’ve never done before? Once you’ve made these two lists of the old and the new, pick one thing from each list that you will organize and put in your calendar to experience over the next two-four weeks. And, you can’t cancel it unless there’s an unavoidable emergency. It’s so nice to always have something in our calendars that we can look forward to! Here’s to re-connecting with our best selves, old hobbies, and new friends!

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