Higher Guidance & Healing


Tarot readings

Tarot is an invaluable tool to help us not only peek into the future but also help us reconcile the past and empower us in the present. I offer a blend of predictive and therapeutic tarot that can offer both guidance and healing. Through ancient archetypes, signs, and symbols as well as my intuitive ability to understand and interpret them, I can be of much service to you on your path. There are limitless questions one can explore and an endless array of spreads to compliment them.

30 Minutes $80 | 60 Minutes $175

Tarot Therapy

Where readings are more for showing us past, present, and future possibilities, tarot therapy is for recognizing and healing that which we have been allowing to weigh us down mentally and emotionally for far too long. If not dealt with we can even be affected physically and spiritually. In a safe, comfortable environment, we will allow the cards to guide us to issues that are ready to be healed. This ’shadow work’ invites more love into our hearts and more light into all areas of our lives.

60 Minutes $175 | 90 Minutes $245

Tarot Parties

Do you love tarot? Do you love parties? Then it’s a no-brainer! Gather a group of your friends or colleagues and host a tarot party. It’s a unique event to throw when you’re wanting to strengthen personal bonds or team-build. It’s a perfect opportunity to offer support, receive guidance, and learn a little about tarot all while enjoying a fun, high-vibrational group experience. As a host, you can invite five or more people and get your ticket for free! And, everyone receives their own mini tarot decks to keep!

$125 per person (Groups of 6-10)

Shadow Circle

Come be a part of a weekly support circle where we all share something that’s been weighing on us. It’s a comfortable and confidential experience where we are free to give and receive support. Share what’s on your heart, or you can also intuitively draw a tarot card or two to guide you. The location of each group will be found under the Calendar tab on this website. Thank you for being brave, and I look forward to sharing the healing journey with you!

Free to attend. Love offerings accepted.

Soul 2 Sole

Get in shape, enjoy nature, and air your issues all at the same time! This is a one one one free-flow experience. I’m here to hear you! Not felt like anyone is available, really available, to talk to and actually be heard and validated? This is your chance, and it’s all about you. Let’s enjoy a forty-five minute walk and a fifteen minute sit in a safe, public, yet peaceful area.

I am available four days per week as early as 6:30 am with adequate notice.

$60 per session or two for $100

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records exist in the etheric realm and hold complete records of the intentions, thoughts, words, and actions of all people, places, and things in all dimensions, universes, realities, and lifetimes since the beginning of time and the crystallization of spirit. It is a field of infinite possibilities, showing us every aspect of ourselves and what we affect. It can introduce us to our purpose and connect us with our innate gifts & abilities. Through this field we can clear away what no longer serves us and create what will!

Akashic Report $395 | With Clearing $495