Tarot Reading

Tarot is an invaluable tool to help us not only peek into the future but also help us reconcile the past and empower us in the present. I offer a blend of predictive and therapeutic tarot that can offer both. Through ancient archetypes, signs, and symbols as well as my intuitive ability to understand and interpret them, I can be of much service to you on your path. There are limitless questions one can explore and an endless array of spreads to compliment them.

Tarot Therapy

Traditional tarot readings are more to show us past, present, and future possibilities. Tarot therapy is a form of shadow work to help us recognize and assimilate what we have possibly ignored, disowned, or buried up until now. By looking at these issues we are able to release them so that can no longer wreak havoc in our lives from a subconscious level. This will free up our energy and allow us to create from a healed space rather than a broken one.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records exist in the fifth dimension and hold the complete records of the intentions, thoughts, words, and actions of all people, places, and things since the beginning of time and the crystallization of spirit. It is a field of infinite possibilities showing us every possible outcome and all that we affect. It can introduce us to our purpose and connect us with our innate gifts and abilities. Through this field we can clear away what no longer serves us so we can create what will.