Crafting the dream

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Whether you’re in need of creative or spiritual assistance, I’d love to help! Please check out my array of services below. Thank you, and I look forward to connecting with you.

Tarot readings

Tarot is an invaluable tool to help us not only peek into the future but also help us reconcile the past and empower us in the present. I offer a blend of predictive and therapeutic tarot that can offer both guidance and healing. Through ancient archetypes, signs, and symbols as well as my intuitive ability to understand and interpret them, I can be of much service to you on your path. There are limitless questions one can explore and an endless array of spreads to compliment them.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records exist in the etheric realm and hold complete records of the intentions, thoughts, words, and actions of all people, places, and things in all dimensions, universes, realities, and lifetimes since the beginning of time and the crystallization of spirit. It is a field of infinite possibilities, showing us every aspect of ourselves and what we affect. It can introduce us to our purpose and can connect us with our innate gifts & abilities. Through this field we can clear away what no longer serves us and helps us create what will!

Creative Consulting

You know you want to create something new…a new project, business, or lifestyle. But, you’re unsure of all the puzzle pieces required as well as how to fit them together. Don’t waste another day, year, or decade letting these doozies dance around in your head while you’re miserable at your day job! Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear of someone who has been there and back a hundred times. I can listen to your ideas, hopes, and dreams as well as provide you with a list of questions that will help you pull it all together in a workable plan.

Website Design

Now that your have a solid plan, it’s time to put it out there for the world to see! Let me design your WordPress website, like the one you’re looking at right now. Both form and function will be at the forefront, making it easy to look at and easy to use. With a WP platform, you’ll receive integrated CMS, mobile responsive design, on-page SEO, a Woo-Commerce storefront, and a blog!

Content Writing

For those of you who are too busy creating, building, and living your best life to package and present an awesome message to your audience, allow me to be of assistance. Whether it’s a blog post, web copy, articles, or other I can certainly craft it for you. It can be a one-time thing or an ongoing scenario.

‘The Dream’ Package

Ready to craft your perfect life? Let’s begin by discovering your true passions and purpose. Then we’ll identify your strengths, weaknesses, and limiting beliefs and will brainstorm ideas to move forward. Once a clear vision is created, I’ll design your logo, website, and copy. This truly is a dream package that will set you up for lasting success. All you need to get started is an unwavering will to release the past and embrace the future!

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