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Ok, so here it is. This is the plan. I’ve been working up my courage to put something out there in the world for YEARS, because this is what I’m being pushed to do. I’ve essentially been ‘bullied’ by the universe to step outside my comfort zone and take a new direction. And, since my North node is in Aquarius, it’s all about groups, public, sharing, teaching, leading, service, and philanthropy. Me, being a serious loner who has been struggling silently and climbing internal mountains practically her entire life, it’s clear it’s time to conquer THE mountain. We only have a finite time in life to overcome our demons before they overcome us. Life is cyclical, and the secret to making sure the wheel of life continues to flow in the right direction, working in our favor, propelling us forward toward realizing our dreams and destinies, is to purposely move forward towards it. The last thing we want is for the wheel to be stuck, and even worse, go against us. It begins to go against us when we are stationary, stuck in our heads, and not taking the steps we’re being asked to take.

We all have a higher purpose, some of which can be discovered through our North node in astrology. It indicates what needs to be mastered in this life. Our South node represents our comfort zone. It’s our comfort zone, because we’ve already mastered it long ago. We keep returning to this zone, because it comes so naturally to us since we’ve lived it over and over and over again. It can take lifetime upon lifetime for us to find both the awareness and the courage to step into our North node and our destined path. And, there are many routes we can take to get us there. We can be creative in this respect and have fun with it. It’s truly a matter of being aware, wise, and courageous enough to recognize that we all have some serious work to do. On ourselves. When we are reaching toward our destinies, one foot in front of the other, we are supported in what can seem like miraculous ways.

My South node is in Leo. The ‘me’, the singular, the selfish. Oh yes, I’ve mastered this one. I’ve got it down pat. I love being in my own little world, doing things my way on my own terms and timeline. Of course, each sign has both positive and negative qualities. But, still, we must eventually walk away from the past (the South node) and into our future (the North node). If we choose to stay stuck, whether consciously or unconsciously, we are in danger of repeating patterns and cycles both in this lifetime and possibly countless future lifetimes. Been there, done that, not interested. And, to be completely honest, I wouldn’t make it. I’ve put this off way too long already, and because of this I’ve been white-knuckling the better part of ten years since this whole thing started. It gets to a point where the universe isn’t playing. We’re nudged ever-so-gently at first, then harder, then harder, and if we keep ignoring these nudges our path can become quite unbearable.

My bad habits are innumerable. I mean, my goodness, I’m eating chocolate as I write this at six in the morning. My goals, dreams, and desires are even more plenty, and I’d really like to realize them in this lifetime. This will require me to make serious and uncomfortable changes, and I’m inviting you along on this semi-public journey. Whoever finds my blog and videos will be witness to my unfolding. I will set and share a 365-day makeover. And, guess what, it’s not gonna start on a Monday! This is an inside joke, because for literally as long as I can remember, I’ve been saying ‘Monday…Monday…next Monday’. So, in honor of this, I’ll officially begin on this upcoming Sunday or Tuesday! I’ll be learning a lot as I go, so I hope you’ll show patience and compassion as I undertake these new beginnings. Thank you, and I look forward to sharing my journey!

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