I have a love affair with fabrics, so most of my pieces are entirely or partially made with fabric. With all of the colors and designs that fabric offers, it provides amazing versatility and options.

I consider the style of my line to be classy boho. Practically anyone could wear it and could wear it with anything. Easily dressed up or down, my pieces look great with jeans or linen and shorts or dresses. Wear them to the beach, to the office, or a night out on the town!

I currently offer a variety of t-shirts as well as fabric jewelry, hats, belts, & bags. With the exception of my t-shirts (the designs are by me and produced elsewhere), everything is original and handcrafted. A lot of love and care go into my creations, and I hope you enjoy them. Please keep an eye out for ongoing new additions, and be sure to share them with friends & family! Thank you for your business, and happy shopping.



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