Leigh K LaRue

Creator Healer Seeker

Conscious Creation

Until we are able and willing to take responsibility for our own life experiences and transform from victim to creator we will never fully realize our potential and receive the rewards that come from doing so. We may think we’re responsible human beings, going to work every day, taking care of the kids, doing what needs to be done. But, what about owning our mistakes, our fears, and our judgements toward ourselves and others? These are just as important if not more so than keeping the light bill paid and food on the table. 

So many of us go around blaming others for our mood, our losses, and our general lack of fulfillment. It’s not until we stop and look inward at our own ways of thinking, speaking, and doing, as well as our intentions behind them, that our lives can truly transform. This magnanimous universe we live in is indeed magical. It really does interact with everything we project outward. A single thought won’t do much, but if we think the same habitual thoughts over a period of time it will eventually materialize in the physical realm. The amount and potency of emotion behind them offer that extra push into the material world. 

Our fears are a perfect example. I’ve had experiences of having a passing thought of a fear, and It will appear in one shape or another the very next day. So, even without focusing on the thought or consciously putting emotion behind it, the level to which I innately feared it was enough for it to show up. Thank goodness this doesn’t happen often, but it can indeed happen. Fortunately, the same goes for manifesting what we do want. Our fixation on it, the emotion behind it, and our belief in it, it will sooner or later appear for us. Setting daily intentions and giving mental, emotional, and physical energy to them will birth beautiful creations into our lives. So, it’s important to focus on what we desire rather than what we don’t.

Shadow work is an excellent method of discovering our internal processes and clearing what doesn’t serve our highest good. Often we think we are the victim of our circumstances or of others’ limiting opinions, words, and actions towards us. It’s about what someone else did, said, or thought. It’s too easy to point the finger at something or someone else for our inability to have what we want. If we desire something badly enough, are we going to just lay down and allow an outsider to influence or block us? The obvious answer would be ‘NO!’, but we allow it every day without being aware. 

The most valuable life tips for owning our own experience are:

1. Stay in integrity with our intentions, thoughts, words, and actions.

2. Don’t allow outside influences to prevent us from moving forward with our dreams and creating

what we wish to experience.

3. Acknowledge and forgive our own mistakes and that of others’ in order to liberate us from self-judgment, guilt, and resentment. 

4. Discover our higher purpose and express our God-given gifts.

We’re never finished growing, and I for one, am still assimilating these lessons. If we ever manage to master these, we’ve achieved something truly life-changing. However, the sooner we are able to do so,  the easier our journeys will be!

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