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Collective Tarot 8/2/22

There is a possible tower moment for not leaving an abusive situation and taking action. A choice finally needs to be made after much deliberation and daydreaming. Raven’s Wand Oracle by Steven Hutton tells us, “When Captain Ulfar sails North, he know he faces terrible danger, but he cannot refuse-for he has made a promise. When his crew storms ashore, the war cry ‘Oak Endures!’ goes up, and they surge ahead, stoic and unflinching. Ulfar embodies dedication, to see things through even if it means walking a dark path. He is a hard taskmaster, but he will not judge you for failing. To Ulfar, the only crime is to say ‘I will,’ and then slink away with your tail between your legs having never even tried.”

Through the battle we wear a brave face to carry us forward through the wind and war. The Changing Faces card asks us if changing masks for a while might benefit us. We are no longer in the thick of it, and we are able to drop the mask. But, who are we underneath after battling for so long? It’s a time where we can re-examine who we are and who we wish to be. What new mask can we wear to represent our new and true vision of ourselves? What costume, hair, and makeup will help us achieve this new character? Try a few ideas on until you reach your ideal. Have fun with it! It’s time to become and spread our wings.

“Morag Heron stands with Solar, one of the four guardians of the serpent-twins, Hethra and Halla. 
The great ocean bird is an epic wanderer and has circled the globe countless times. Along the way he has seen many things-some terrible, others sublime-but his core values remain unchanged. Like Solar, we should be open to new experiences, understanding that they don’t threaten who we think we are or challenge what we hold important. Instead, experiencing something that might have mystified or frightened us previously deflates those fears and suspicions, or better still-provides new enjoyment and understanding.”

We are one soul with many different aspects. These aspects ebb and flow from moment to moment, day to day, year to year. We swim within an ocean of characters and characteristics, and we have the freedom to choose which of these we wish to exhibit in any given moment. When we feel the undesirable rising from our depths, give pause and consider if this is who we wish to be and what we want to portray. Is it time to tie on some wings and learn to fly?

No matter where we go, what we do, and what we go through, it is never wasted. Everything that we experience teaches us, stretches us, and makes us wiser and stronger. When we fall, we rise again. When we learn what doesn’t work, we eventually discover what does. And, this is subjective to each of us. No one path is the true path. I believe we are here to discover, if not remember, who we truly are. We don’t really have room to judge another, as much as we are tempted to. Anyone that is different from us or our ‘group’ is likely to be a target of our opinions or will. 

Instead of judging others, can we stop and reconsider? Can we detach and let another be, and can we send them love and healing on their journey ahead? Can we allow each other to discover and wield their own sword of truth? We’re not all on the same path, nor are we even on the same quest. It’s hard to come to grips with this realization, because as a matter of fact, this planet that we all call home consists of both dark and light. The best we can do is hope that our light helps bring both healing and justice where needed.

It’s time to honor how far we’ve come and the healing that we’ve done and to continue doing so. The number 55 means change is upon us and represents an ending to what once was and a beginning of what will be. Time eventually heals all wounds, but the more active our healing work the quicker we can stop reading and re-reading that tired old chapter and the sooner we can open up to that shiny new one. 

I forgive myself for my mistakes and for those that I have wronged and am thankful for the growth that it brought, and I forgive those who have wronged me. Our mistakes are made at one level of consciousness, and our healing takes place at another.

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