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Collective Tarot 8/1/22

So, we have a Queen of Cups and a King of Wands both reversed, meaning they’re working in the shadows. This is double-confirmed by the Two of Pentacles and The Moon. They’re collaborating in the dark. The Unseen card could be a triple confirmation. They are casting illusions and working with the spirit world to bring about results. They could be scrying and/or working with water as well as remote viewing. However, the water is not working with them or for them. They are unable to see that by attempting to create illusions in others lives that they are creating a huge one for themselves, and the glass will soon shatter.

This couple does seem to work well together and do seem to balance out and compliment each other in manifesting. However, it looks like this could be changing. There could also be a change in their situation or in their relationship. A possible loss of love, maybe even a lack of results in their creations as of late. Their creative efforts could be for naught.  And, it seems the King of Wands has had an epiphany about the relationship, which is coming between them. He’s possibly moving away, as the Queen of Cups is doing everything she can to try and hold onto him. The upcoming changes that are indicated for this couple won’t be easy, and they just might be overwhelming and painful. Inner strength is called for. We also have the Nine of Pentacles reversed at the bottom of the deck, so there could be a loss of wealth as well. In the end, light will be shone on the situation, and I hope that eventual enlightenment will come to those who are working against the natural law.

Even though I seem to have been surrounded by such ‘workers’ and their dark energy, and I often pray for them to just disappear from my existence, ultimately I pray for their healing. The Mirror card speaks of the shard of glass coming between one’s lower self and their true self, causing distortions in self image. An over-compensation in behaviors for feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, and hatred towards oneself or another are shown here. I understand that we all find coping mechanisms to deal with such feelings, but black magick is a true extreme. Healing is necessary and, one way to begin is by taking responsibility for these feelings,  feeling them, accepting them, forgiving them, and releasing them. Facing our own inner mirror can surely invoke the Ten of Swords energy, and it will no doubt require great courage. I suggest shadow work, and following are a list of questions to begin with:

What is the root of my feelings of inadequacy? What are some triggers that bring this feeling to the surface? What are my greatest fears in life? What are my greatest aspirations? What qualities or practices do I need to develop these? What are my innate gifts and abilities? How can I bring healing to myself and others through these?

The Unseen beckons and asks you to look within and acknowledge what’s not been acknowledged before. See it and sit with it, and know that The Great Unseen sees you. What if what you’ve been using, or trying to use this whole time, wants to use you? Figure out your own unique life purpose and live it rather than trying to block and destroy others’.

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