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Collective Tarot 8/5/22

An oldies version of ‘No where to run, no where to hide’ by Martha and the Vandellas plays on some random Pandora station at work as I start this reading, and ironically I’ve been listening to a similar song on repeat while driving the last few days. Let’s see what this has to do with the reading…

Someone is having a rough go of it by the looks of it. Lack of work, delay, frustrations, imbalance, being out of options, threat of homelessness, feeling abandoned, poverty, nightmares, anxiety, violence, abuse, cruelty, and overall loss of control looms over this person or people. I feel this is because they had targeted someone, and because they failed to make things right time and time again their lives are now turning upside down. What they put out into the world, they are receiving in kind. A bunch of snakes worked against the law of nature to repeatedly go against someone, who in the end was relatively untouched by their efforts. We are cradled by the Universe when we have love in our hearts, light in our soul, and appreciation for the life that’s around us. We are protected when we go about living our own lives and when we are focused upon improving it. 

These people cornered a person and made them feel like they had no where to run, no where to hide, no way to escape the abuse. Now, this is what the Universe is doling out for them. And, because the person they had targeted decided to do the only thing they could do, which is accept what was and move on the wheel has turned (or is turning) in their favor. Letting go is not always easy and immediate, and it could be accomplished in stages. But, once they stop looking in the rear view mirror and focus on wheel moving forward, fate and literal fortune awaits. With the Hierophant and the King and Queen of Wands lined up so perfectly, there is very clearly a fated marriage. The King of Wands, with his back turned, the Queen of Cups left alone with her emotions, and the Three of Pentacles reversed between them denotes a messy ending. What they’ve created together is no longer of value or considered of value by one or both and is worth walking away from. 

I can also see another storyline. The self-made Nine of Pentacles/Queen of Wands, happy and successful on her own would rather be alone than be with a King who teamed up with the Queen of Cups/Queen of Wands and a third party to abuse her. It will depend on your story, and possibly your decision, as to which of these versions best fits you. I was just shuffling the cards before putting them away, and I opened up to the Queen of Wands and the Ten of Pentacles. Either way, this Queen of Wands is set. They are good. They are taken care of. After a tumultuous time, the Universe is making it up to them.

Take this as a warning from Spirit that it simply doesn’t pay to operate in such low-vibrational darkness. It will always come back to you in way or another, in this lifetime or another. Being truly sorry, seeking forgiveness, making amends, changing your modus operandi, and focusing on your own goals and purpose rather than trying to stop someone else’s can go a long way in minimizing your karma. 

We all have lessons to learn, and it takes maturity to not judge. It takes courage to make amends. It takes dedication to change and grow. It takes grace to forgive. And, it takes wisdom to see the blessings amidst challenge. I pray for all of these things for myself and all.

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