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Collective Tarot 8/4/22

I can see this message in two ways. 

This King of Wands is simply fed up with the lack of results his minions have made. He does not seem happy. He was supposed to be glorious and successful in his efforts. There is exhaustion and heartbreak from holding on to this situation for far too long. There are people along with this King, and possibly just a couple, who are shocked and confused and having a passionate conversation about why their plans to stop someone from moving forward and reaching success didn’t work. They’re seeing that their endless efforts are getting them nowhere. After much debate and deliberation and out of fear of not wanting to suffer, they are abandoning plans and stopping the childish, toxic games that have just kept them chained to their own karma. They see a huge tower moment looming in their future, and they recognize that they have no choice but to change. They’re realizing that their old ways are no longer useful. They have no choice but to find a new set of beliefs, values, and processes to take their place. 

This whole situation could have been handled with more grace. You can’t force your will on someone else and expect it to go smoothly. It’s time to reconsider your methods and be willing and ready to transition from your South node to your North, from your karmic ways of being to higher ways of operating. There is no need to hold on so tightly or to force the outcome of a situation. Once we let go is when the Universe is able to manifest what’s in everyone’s best interest. 

The other story line is of a King of Wands type of person, a creative and fiery businessman/businesswoman or entrepreneur who is finally catching a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel after much sorrow, disappointment, and heartbreak from not leaving an abusive situation sooner. But, they have left it or are in the process of doing so, which is allowing them to divert disaster. It’s time to make a plan and get organized as to avoid getting stuck again. Working from the inside out and looking at our own beliefs and habits is highlighted. Taking responsibility for the role we’ve played in our own situation will set us free from what has held us back in the past. Maybe our South node of ‘me, me, me’ isn’t beneficial, and it could be time to answer the call of the North. And, a trying situation could be viewed with new eyes. We have the freedom of perspective, and no matter how a situation seems, we can always choose love. By doing so it has the power to alter what we get out of it. 

No matter what side of the fence we’re on, we’re challenged to look through the lens of love rather than judgment. A new adventure awaits as we let go and trust the Universe to divinely guide us  through the next steps!

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