Guidance & Healing

Birds As Messengers

I’m at work, and I had literally just finished watching a video in my YouTube feed titled ‘Magpie Death Ritual’, where these magpies mourn one of their own. Then, from behind me, a resident sitting on the sofa got my attention and immediately started telling me about a friend of his who recently saved a baby blue bird after its two siblings had died. He didn’t even know that I had just watched this video. Then, as he was talking, my eyes unconsciously dart to a decorative bird on the shelf, and then another one on another. Obviously, this is a message.

Both magpies and bluebirds represent joy, happiness, hope, and renewal. Magpies also ask us to be wise and make proper life choices. Putting it all together, the message I get from this is that it’s time to lay to rest what no longer serves us so that we may make room for the upcoming joy and happiness that are ready to be embraced. It may even help to do some sort of ritual or ceremony to release the old, the dead, that which we’ve been carrying for too long. Create a sacred space in which to do this by smudging the area with sage and lighting a white candle or two. You can do this inside or outside, whichever is safest and most comfortable for you. I have a cauldron that I happened to find at a roadside secondhand store years ago, but you can use any fire safe container for this. Write all the things, memories, and experiences you’d like to release on separate little pieces of paper and throw them one by one into the burning flame as you repeat a mantra or say a prayer for release and transmutation. When looking at the ashes afterwards, make sure any unturned pieces are thrown back into the fire to burn completely. Dump, spread, flush or bury the ashes. 

I believe that we are entitled to do whatever processing is necessary. If we need to write about it, talk about it, question it, research it, report it, or anything else, do it. Honor what you feel. But, then it’s time to move on. We can’t read two chapters at once. If we want to step into our bright, shiny, new chapter full of promise we first must close the previous one. And, what we give attention to grows. So, let’s flip that page. Not only can we begin reading this next chapter, we can write it! What do we want it to look and feel like? Describe in juicy detail the colors, the textures, the smells, the smiles, the exchanges, the experiences. Buy a special notebook, or create an art journal for this purpose. Absorb yourself in the process, enjoying it, feeling it. This will imbue it with that much more energy and power. Allow it to take as long as it takes, and be sure to keep it private. For your eyes only. Other people’s eyes, energy, or opinions on it can influence the outcome and also holds the potential to diminish your own belief in it. In magic, belief is practically everything. 

Once your book, or chapter, is complete say a prayer or repeat a mantra over it. You can even wrap it in a silk scarf or a beautiful piece of fabric, as to protect it. Then put it away someplace safe and hidden from others. Feel free to open it up and read through it as often as you feel inspired to, but don’t get caught up in the timing of your manifestations. It will all happen as it’s supposed to. And, remember it’s always a co-creation. Be sure to thank Spirit as you begin to see your manifestations coming to life!

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