When my twenty year massage career began dying down I found myself struggling to re-create myself. For years, I’ve dabbled and studied and created endlessly trying to find ‘the spark’, that one thing that would light me up and hold my interest. Between my short attention span, analysis paralysis, and well-earned lack of confidence all my hopes and dreams in life have fallen flat. I have felt scared and stuck and taunted by the Universe. It’s become clear I won’t be able to play it small for much longer. I have a calling that I can’t escape, unless I want to die unhappy and unfulfilled. And, my soul knows this simply isn’t an option.

As I write this, I have a feeling I’m not the only one experiencing this. And, this is why I wish to put my knowledge and skills to work helping others snap out of their slumber and sleepy dreams in order to be able to wake up each morning in peace and prosperity. I am a jack of many trades, and now it’s time to hone in and focus on a few of them both for my sake and possibly yours. Bear with me, as I’ll be putting some of it together on the fly, willing to stumble a little up the stairway to triumph.

I’ll be combining my knowledge of tarot & divination, Akashic Records, and adding in a little astrology to help you see yourself as you truly are…a star! I don’t necessarily mean famous. I mean, you amplifying your own light so much it’s impossible for others not to see. We’re all born of stardust. We’re all from the stars. My job will help you see which star you’re from and what innate challenges and gifts that brings, and so much more.

Can we shine when we are stuck in the past, focused on fear, and confused about who we are and what we should really be doing with our lives? The answer is no, not really. So, another thing I’ll be doing is clearing out decades of debris from myself while helping you do the same. We need to heal our past, be at peace in the present, and have clarity and confidence in our future in order to truly thrive.

Is this process going to be clear cut? Maybe not as much as we’d like. Will it be messy and uncomfortable? Heck, yeah! It takes moving through the sludge to get to the good stuff. But, I know we’re up for the challenge, especially if we’re doing it together!

Please be kind to yourself, and to me, as we meander through this maze to freedom. And, remember, you’re not alone in your seeking and suffering. Even the bright and shiny people aren’t perfect, and most of us do a decent job of hiding the muck. But, we’re no longer going to hide it. We’re gonna bring it out of the dark and into the light be acknowledged, forgiven, and loved. Because, when we love even the darkest parts of ourselves, our light begins to shine through the cracks whether we’re ready for it or not!