Crafting the dream

Tarot | Art | Spirit


Hi! My name is Leigh LaRue. It’s taken me a reeeallly long time to find my true North. Sometimes we can have too many interests and talents, making it seemingly impossible to organize a coherent offering to the world. But, alas, I’ve figured it out. I love the magical aspect of life, and I’m not sure if I would have endured my trials and challenges over the years without my undeniable connection with spirit. In addition to my tarot & Akashic sessions and my art & crafts, I will be sharing magical discoveries from my vanlife travels.

As I build my own platform, I would love to help you create yours. I offer WordPress website design, social media setup, logo design, marketing materials design, blog posts, and content writing. I have a keen eye for design and detail, and I love bringing concepts into reality. Let me help you create or fine-tune your business so that you can confidently showcase it to the world. I know all too well what it’s like to figure it all out on my own, so I would love to offer creative consulting to make the entire process quicker, easier, and more streamlined for you.

Life is a continual unfoldment, and we’re constantly growing, learning, and creating. We each have a unique voice, and it’s so rewarding when we are able to discover it and share it. As you are ready to advance spiritually, creatively, or professionally on your own path, I hope to be able to assist you on it!