Guidance & Healing


Hi, I’m Leigh! I have a twenty-two year background in both small business as well as the metaphysical world of massage, energy, and healing. No longer a massage therapist, I now address healing from another angle. Having discovered tarot and intuitive guidance a few years back, I‘ve created ’Spearit Speaks’ around it.

You’ll see from the ’Services’ tab that tarot, shadow work, and spiritual counseling are offered through a myriad of unique services you may not have ever experienced before. Tarot readings, tarot therapy, tarot parties, shadow circles, soul to sole walking in addition to Akashic Records reports & clearings are available.

If you’re ready to heal the past and create a better future, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re just curious and want answers, you’ve also come to the right place. And, if you’re wanting to make healing a fun & active experience, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

I wouldn’t be me without my love of the plant & animal kingdoms and the world of spirit. It’s my ongoing goal and mission to create a more psychic connection with them as well as do my part in speaking up for animals when and where possible. I began my vegetarian journey around 1997 and my vegan journey around 2018. Of course, it’s all happened in stages as most things do.

I hope you’ll visit my shop and read my blog where I share all of these things as well as my spiritual journey, my own struggles, and my ongoing personal development with you. My blog posts are divided into My Journey, Shadow Work, Collective Tarot, and the Vegan Life.