The first time in life I felt validated was when I discovered I am an Indigo soul. It’s hard to feel like you fit in on this planet when you feel different from all those around you and when you’re so very aware that all of our systems and ways of doing things are backwards and upside down. A truth that I am awakening to after far too long is that the most important lesson in life is to figure out who we are and then live that authentically. I am excited to be giving myself permission to just be me. Unapologetically.

With a massage therapy, tarot, and metaphysical background as well as a recent training in reading the Akashic Records, much of who I am and what I offer incorporates this energy. However, I truly honor all benevolent religions and forms of spirituality. I hope that all who visit here feel abundantly welcome. Thank you for taking the time to browse and shop, and I trust you will find something that makes your heart sing!

In addition to my creations of custom mixed media collage art, women’s clothing, jewelry, & accessories, I offer writing & proofreading services. I am also available for tarot & Akashic readings for those of you who are curious about your life purpose, abilities, and possibilities. You can also follow my blog where I share wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration. This site is a catch-all for all that is me. I hope that you take your time and that you’re able to take away something good from it! Thank you.



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