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A New Perspective

There will come a time in life when we are called to change our perspectives on issues that have plagued us in way or another. It’s always our choice whether to focus on the negative, or the positive, in any situation. And, our focus determines our experience. I’ve found myself confused, angry, and resentful over an on-going scenario in my life. Because it’s all been a mystery to me, I’ve found myself mostly focused on my negative assumptions of it. But, I know there are also blessings to be embraced through it. The biggest mistake we can make is allowing other people’s low vibrations to bring us down to their level mentally and emotionally. Instead, we should just keep focusing on our upward trajectory both in the physical and the spiritual.

A new day and a new perspective arises. I’m ready to release all burdens, real or imagined. It’s in our imagination where it all begins, anyway. Any situation can be flipped around and turned to our advantage based on our vantage point. No matter what it looks like on the outside, and no matter how it looks stacked against us, we wield the power. We’re all magicians with a bag full of goodies to weave our magic. We can fine-tune our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual skills to work for us rather than against us. When we master ourselves we change our world and the world in general. If every person on the planet were to do this, we would no longer be projecting our own pain onto others and causing needless suffering. Have you heard the saying ‘Hurt people hurt people’? The power is in our hands. We can heal ourselves, and really only we can. Others are just a conduit and guiding light.

What if we were each healed and able to be a guiding light for others, each sharing our unique gifts and talents, and uplifting others every step of the way? Some don’t realize that by being a supporter of others it doesn’t deplete us or make us shrink in comparison. It actually does the opposite. All that we are and all that we project, knowingly and unknowingly, we get back. Not always immediately, and often in very unexpected ways. So, recognizing our undercurrents of attitudes and energies and being willing to tweak them where necessary can be monumental. Just changing the way we see a situation and changing our focus from what irritates us about it to the benefits that we’re reluctant to admit allows us to attract more of that good stuff rather than the bad. Widdling it all down one thought and feeling at a time, as they arise, we magically make it all work for us when it possibly didn’t before.

In honor of The Hanged Man in tarot, what is one situation or relationship in your life you can turn around by changing your focus?

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